Christopher S. M. Grimes, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, Missouri Licensed Psychologist

Psychotherapy & Religious Faith

One of Dr. Grimes areas of specialization is the integration of patients' religious and spiritual beliefs with the therapy process, specifically the integration of the Christian faith. 

"Strength for today, Bright hope for tomorrow. "

Some Christians are leery of seeking psychological help for fear their therapist will undermine or simply not understand the teachings of their faith. Be assured Dr. Grimes will be sensitive to your religious and spiritual beliefs, and will help find ways to integrate your faith into therapy. It is not Dr. Grimes' practice to preach at or indoctrinate his patients; this is not the role of a therapist and in fact behaving this way would be unethical. Instead, Dr. Grimes takes a therapeutic approach that supports patients as they explore their spiritual beliefs and use their religious practices to draw strength and hope. 

Psychology and the Church

Many solid research studies have found support for the health promoting effects of religious faith and involvement. Dr. Grimes is interested in furthering the collaboration between psychology and the Church to promote the psychological wellness and spritual wholeness of believers. 

Dr. Grimes is available for consultation to clergy and religious leaders interested in learning more about the relationship between spirituality, religiosity, and psychological wellbeing. He is also available to give presentations to groups of clergy and laity.

Program for Psychology & Religion at St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute

As the Director of The Program for Psychology & Religion at St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute, Dr. Grimes leads a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians who specialize in meeting the psychological, medical, and spiritual needs of clergy, religious, and people of faith. Find out more about the different assessment and treatment options offered by The Program for Psychology & Religion.

Professional Writing

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Grimes has pursued his interest in religion, spirituality, and psychotherapy through collaborating with colleagues on several writing projects and presentations at national professional conferences. Some of these articles and presentation are available on the internet and can be accessed through the links on this the Writings & Resources page. If you have questions about any of this material, contact Dr. Grimes.