Christopher S. M. Grimes, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, Missouri Licensed Psychologist

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Awakening to Aging: Glimpsing the Gifts of Aging is edited by one of Dr. Grimes' mentors, Myrtle Heery, Ph.D., and her colleague, Gregg Richardson, Ph.D. Written for Baby-Boomers and their families, the book consists of reflections on aging with practical insights on the true gifts of aging. It has been enjoyed by old and young alike, and even adopted as a supplemental text book in graduate level classes on aging and gerontology.  In his chapter, Dr. Grimes reflects on his work with nursing home residents, and shares insights for caretakers of older adults. Visit the book's web page at the International Institute of Humanistic Studies.

Read selections, including Dr. Grimes' chapter, What am I Doing Here: A Psychologist's Reflections on Providing Care to Nursing Home Residents on Google Books.


Dr. Grimes is very pleased to have been invited to contribute a chapter to the God Image Handbook for Spiritual Counseling and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, and Practice. This book, edited by Glendon Moriarity, Psy.D., and Louis Hoffman, Ph.D., is intended for mental health professionals and pastoral counselors. Further information is available from the publisher, Routledge Mental Health, and Amazon.



 Spirituality & Psychological Health --  Dr. Grimes collaborated with colleagues on a chapter reviewing the literature on religion, spirituality, and wellbeing in this volume which explores the relationship between spiritual and psychological health from multiple perspectives. Further information on this text is available from the publisher, Colorado School of Professional Psychology Press (now University of the Rockies Press), and Amazon.



Understanding the God Image Through Attachment Theory: Theory, Research, and Practice -- Drs. Morarity, Hoffman, and Grimes worked together on this article published in the Journal of Spirituality and Mental Health. The article presents a theoretical conceptualization useful for understanding how the God Image is influenced by attachment bonds. Copies of this article are available from the publisher, Haworth Press.



God Image Research: A Literature Review
          by Christopher Grimes
          A chapter published in The God Image Handbook for Spiritual 
          Counseling and Psychotherapy,
          Edited by Glendon Moriarty and Louis Hoffman.
          In publication by the Haworth Press / Routledge Mental Health,  
          (expected on shelves Winter 2007)
          ISBN #: 978-0-7890-3439-7 

Understanding the God Image Through Attachment Theory:
Theory, Research, and Practice
by Glendon L. Moriarty, Louis Hoffman, & Christopher Grimes
          A paper in the Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health, Vol. 9(2).
          Published by Haworth Press, Inc. 2006.

Research on the Experience of God: Rethinking Epistemological Assumptions:
by Louis Hoffman, Christopher S. M. Grimes, & Reyno Acoba
          A paper presented at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
          Annual Meeting, Rochester, NY, November 2005.

Selected Review of the Literature on Spirituality and Health
          by Betty Cox, Louis Hoffman, and Christopher S. M. Grimes.
          A chapter published in Spirituality and Psychological Health,
          a text book edited by Richard H. Cox, Betty Cox, and Louis Hoffman.
          Published by Colorado School of Professional Psychology Press,
          Colorado Springs, CO, 2005.
          ISBN #:  097646380-6
          And re-published in Volume 2 of Whole Person Healthcare.
          Illene Ava Serlin, general editor,
          Kirwan Rockefeller and Stephen Brown volume editors.
          Published by Praeger Publishers, Westport CT, 2007
          ISBN #:  0-275-99231-4

God and Attachment: Using Integration Techniques to Change Working Models
by Glenn Moriarty, Louis Hoffman, Christopher S. M. Grimes, and Jay Gattis.
          A paper presented at the Christian Association for Psychological
          Studies International Conference, Dallas, TX, April 2005.

Transcendence, Suffering, and Psychotherapy
by Louis Hoffman, Christopher S. M. Grimes, & Mike Mitchell
          A paper presented at the Bi-Annual Conference of the International
          Network for Personal Meaning, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 
          July 2004.


Helpful Websites

We live in the information age, and the internet is filled with information on psychology and psychotherapy. Below are links to resources which Dr. Grimes recommends to those interested in learning more about psychology and psychotherapy.

American Psychological Association -- The APA is the major professional association for psychologist.

American Psychological Association Help Center -- "APA's Help Center is your online resource for brochures, tips and articles on the psychological issues that affect your physical and emotional well-being, as well as information about referrals."

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists -- Provides resources related to family therapy and links to resources on family issues.

Behavioral Health Partners -- BHP provides psychological services to residents of nursing homes and adult residential care facilities. Dr. Grimes worked part time with BHP from 2007-2009. This website has information on helping older adults adjust to change.

Christian Association of Psychological Studies -- "The nation's largest nonprofit association of Christians in the counseling and behavioral sciences!"  Their site includes a directory of Christians in mental health, a resource you can use to locate a Christian therapist.

Church Diaster Mental Health Project -- "The purpose of the Church Disaster Mental Health Project (CDMH Project) is to provide active outreach and education to pastors and church leaders. Specific aims of this project are to help pastors and church leaders, through online training modules, online resources, and in-person trainings, to: Identify signs and symptoms of psychological distress following disasters; provide individual and community-based disaster care and support; improve access to post-disaster mental health services; and facilitate healthy self-care practices after disasters."

Depth-Psychotherapy-Network -- "The Depth Psychotherapy Network website was created as a free resource for consumers of mental health (clients, therapists, patients, etc.), students, and professionals (therapists, counselors, analysts, etc.)."

Diakonos Counseling -- A private Christian mental health practice in Independence, Missouri. Dr. Grimes worked with Diakonos Counseling from 2004-2008

Existential Therapy Homepage -- Provides an overview of existential therapy along with resources.  

Other Articles and Brochures

          Resources from the American Psychological Association Help Center